Thunder and Lighting

Live sound and lighting

Endless Summer/Beach Boys Tribute

Endless Summer- The Beach Boys Tribute band played at Dartmouth University July,25th, 2009.

Thunder and Lighting Privided the P.A. and lighting for this event.

6 EAW L.A. 460 mid/highs

4 EAW SB528 subs

6 monitor mixes

34 par 56 lights

July 4th,2009 Bellingham,MA

July 4th, 2009 Fireworks Celebration! at the Bellingham High School Football Field.

Over 5000 people in attendance!  Thunder and Lighting provided the P.A. and lights for this event.

The P.A. consisted of 6 EAW LA 460 top cabs, 6 EAW SB 528 subs, 6 FBT Maxx 4a monitors

Drum monitor was 1 single RCF 15 and a Maxx 6a,    All passive speakers powered by QSC amps.

Lighting Rig consisted of 18 Par 56 can on front truss with 2, 1 ton chain motors, and par cans on stage for specials.



New FBT Qube, Line Array

Here is the new Qube Line Array.                                                                                                                                                                          We used this system for The Happening  at the N.B. VFW.


Garth Brooks Tribute show

Here is the stage setup before the Garth Brooks tribute show, started, in North Conway, New Hampshire

Southington High School-Music of The Knight

Southington High School, 2008, October 18th.

Live Garth!

Here is the live "Garth Brooks"  show, with

2008 Dartmouth, Ma.

Billy Joel tribute band, featuring Michael John, at The University of Massachusetts, in Dartmouth, Ma. July 26th,2008.

Here is the FBT, Modus Pa that was used for Blue Oyster Cult.


7/26/2008,U-Mass in Dartmouth, Ma.

Setting up for the 2008 Hartford Brew Fest at The Old State House.

2007 Hartford Brew Fest

Thunder and Lighting providing- Sound, Stage, Lights, and Tent, for the 6th annual Hartford, Ct. Brew Fest.  Scott Haney MC'd the event, what a riot he was.

Beatlemania setup


The Happening at The Brew Fest in Hartford, Ct.

The Happening played at The Hartford Brew Fest, in Hartford, Ct. Scott Haney, MC'd the event. Thunder and Lighting provided The staging, Tent, Sound and Lights, for this event.


Rick Derringer

Rick Derringer and his band, tore it up at the SVEA Club in Berlin, Ct.   July 29th.

Joe M. and Den M. Working a Wishbone Ash show together, at Georgetown,Saloon.

Mike Cady at mix position with world premeir band mix engineer

Andy Powell/ Wishbone Ash with Joe M. mix engineer


Joe M. behind the new Midas!

Joe M. at the hlem of our new Midas Venice.                                                                                                                                      Mixing for Rick Derrenger. July 29th, 2006.

Mike Cady, manning the spotlight.

The Happening/Channel 3

"The Happening" played live September 14,2007, on Channel 3's new morning show, Better Connecticut, with Scott Haney, and Kara Sundland  "Thunder and Lighting" provided mics, monitors and the audio feeds to the T.V. station at channel 3.

A Ray of Elvis

A Ray Of Elvis. If you like Elvis, this is a great show to catch.                                                                                                           You won't be dissapointed!

Soundcraft K2/ doing monitors back stage.

Our 24 channel Soundcraft, K2,                                                                                                                                                              Doing 6 seperate monitor mixes for Rick Derringer, July 29th, 2006.

FOH engineer Joe M. with World Premeir band engineer


Shania Twain, Dartmouth, Ma.

Shania Twain [impersonater] setup at Dartmouth University,Ma.


2008 Relay For Life

2008 Relay for Life. American Cancer society ran this event at The Berlin High School in Berlin Connecticut in May 2008. Thunder and Lighting donated all the Sound and Lights for the main stage. It was the most successful relay for life to date.  All of the bands and people working behind the scenes also, ALL donated there time and talents.

Georgetown Salloon

Parrot Island







                                                                                                                                                                     Thunder and Lighting workin with Parrot Island, a Jimmy Buffet tribute band at

Livingston field,Tewksberry,ma. July 4th

Mix engineer,Joe M. at the helm

Hello Dolly !

Southington High Schools,  "Hello Dolly"  March, 2008.     

Great job from everyone involved in this.


                                                                                                                                                                               The annual FurBall/Fundraiser.   Febuary 3rd, 2007.  State Attourny General, Richard Bloominthol, giving a speach at this event, where  Thunder and Lighting provided all the wireless mics and lighting for this event


Unniversity of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Mass.

Southington High School

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Midas Venice, Mixing 11wireless mics for Little Shop of Horrors, at The Southington High school. Southington, Ct.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Blues-A-Que at Gengras Harley Davidson

June 2007 Gengras Blues-A-Que


Blue Oyster Cult

Here is the setup,Equipment, and the band,[Blue Oyster Cult], at The Paramount Theatre,                                                                    

Middletown,New York. November 14th,2008.            Thunder and Lighting provided full production,                                                               

minus the lights. 8 monitor mixes from an Allen and Heath console. Soundcraft K2 console for F.O.H.,                                                               

and one of the new line arrays from FBT was employed for Front of House. The Modus by FBT,                                                                    

consisted of the Modus 40a,15a,and the powered double 15"Sub,one per side,  provided plenty of headroom for this venue.